Fontilles Orba Castle Circuit

A moderate/ strenuous  walk mainly on good tracks and paths with one unavoidable steep scramble. Not all the paths are well marked so some path finding skills are necessary. The route takes us around the interesting Fontilles leper colony, founded in 1902. This is a peaceful, spiritual place that warrants a separate visit. There is an information centre on the grounds.
The first scramble takes us up the little tossal north of the Fontilles centre. The climb rewards us with spectacular views of the colony buildings and the impressive wall that encloses them.
The longer version (14km. 700Mtrs) includes trap to Campell and climb to Orba castle. Decisions as to which version to take can be taken en route. The shortest route is 9.8Km.

Murla-Campell-Fontilles-Orba Castle-Murla : 14Km.  700Mtrs
Sports centre-Campell-Fontilles-Orba Castle-Sports centre: 13.5Km. 680Mtr
Murla-Fontilles-Murla : 10.2Km.  420Mtrs
Sports centre-Fontilles-Sports centre:  9.8Km.  410Mtrs.  


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