AITANA - Buddhist Colony extended circuit

For energetic walkers. This walk encompasses the best of both the Buddhist colony circuit and the Sanxet circuit. Passing through the narrow Paso Contador (much enlarged since the days when sheep could be counted singly as they passed). Spectacular views of the Sierras Bemia and Aixorta to the east and the Arc valley leading to Selia to the west, soon followed by a stiff climb over the ridge of El Carrascal with a shady place at the summit from which to admire Puig Campana and Sanxet before descending into the wooded Sanxet valley with its Buddhist colony.
From here we go around Sanxet, passing the La Carrasca casa and around to the Casa de Dios.
70% paths. 30% tracks. Not too muddy a day or so after rain.

DISTANCE 12.5km. -  WALKING TIME  4 hours -  ASCENT  550mtrs – GRADE Medium

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