Costa Blanca Mountain Way

The original Costa Blanca Mountain Way was proposed in 1990 to mark the fifth anniversary of the
 Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers.
Completion of the five sections (110km.) in consecutive days  entitles the walker to be entered on the roll of compañeros by contacting the group secretary and filling out route sheet also available from CBMW.
The route has been updated to reflect newly found paths and alternatives to busier roads.

WALK DESCRIPTIONS AND MAPS                                 GPS TRACKS
Day 1 - Villalonga to Vall de Ebo                                                   Day 1
Day 2 - Vall de Ebo to Campell                                                     Day 2
Day 3 - Campell to Castell de Castells                                          Day 3
Day 4 - Castell de Castells to Confredes                                       Day 4
Day 5 - Confredes to Benifato                                                       Day 5

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