Barranco de Malafi - Alfaro Circuit

The walk starts with a vaguely marked ascent to Punta d’Alfaro followed by a long pleasant ridge walk and short climb to the summit of Alfaro.This high spot offers wonderfull views of the Sierra Serrella  before descending by old tracks which lead very steeply down to Barranco Malafi. Barranco Malafi  is the grandiose and remote gully formed by the, generally dry, river Malafi.  Superb wild flowers in spring and early summer. Bird songs accompany the walker often nightingales and sometimes eagles can be seen.

Preferably a GPS or at least a compass would greatly aide in following our notes.

DISTANCE 16.3km. WALKING TIME 5 ¼ hrs. ASCENT  731mtrs. GRADE Hard

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