A fairly long circular walk starting with a steep climb on good paths up the Barranco de Galabdar below the escarpments of Sanxet. Then heads west levelling out until the short but impressive zigzag up the Passet de Golero. Here there is a rocky lookout which makes an ideal lunch stop. Another steep climb to reach the peaceful Arc Valley and the Paso Contador with spectacular views. From here it is downhill (steeply in places) all the way back to the previously spotted car, which will be used to ferry drivers up the hill to the Casa de Dios.

Although this walk can be easily walked as a complete circuit we shorten it, whenever possible, by spotting a car which avoids an uphill walk on a surfaced road.


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Dave Comins said...

An excellent route which we really enjoyed. As we only had one (hire) car we parked at point X on the map. The track ahead does become loose and not worth the risk in a hire car! From X it only takes about 15 minutes to Casa de Dios (still blue in 2016). The water reservoir on the section from E to F is still empty (2016). The path here heads straight for an impressive cliff then dips down a little to the left(West) to skirt round the foot of this cliff before hitting the zig-zags up to point F - an excellent lunch spot and viewpoint. There are now two large cairns at point N where the path heads downhill off the track down from the Pas Del Comptador and so it is now less likely that you will miss this turning.
This route draws heavily on the local knowledge and experience of the writers and we thank both for their work in setting this route out for others to follow.