This walk focuses on the ancient and once remote village of Tarbena which commands the route between the lush valleys of Callosa d’ en Sarria in the South to Parcent to the North. In prehistoric times there was the nearby settlement on its impregnable site of La Montana, followed in the eleventh century A.D. by the early Moorish castle on the summit of nearby Segue. Our walk visits both and is notable for a succession of superb views from the 360-degree panorama of the mountains of the central Costa Blanca, viewed from the castle, to vertiginous views down into the Paso Tancat from La Montana. To the West, across the deep defile, looms the castle of Penya Castellet above Bolulla. We also visit an ancient and elaborately constructed combined well and deposito, obviously important to the old village, with the steep mule path from it bearing testimony to the arduous life of the early people. In Tarbena the characterful Bar/Restaurant of Can Pinet, offers hospitality, and reminders of Republican loyalties of more recent times. This walk is partly based on one described by Eric Wright.

45% on good paths, 45% on good tracks and 10% on surfaced roads. Not normally muddy.

DISTANCE 8.6km. -  WALKING TIME 2 ½ hrs. -  ASCENT 380 mtrs. - GRADE Easy
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