This barranco walk requires good physical condition and is not for people who suffer from vertigo. For this walk we left our car at the foot of Bolulla Castle at the end of the paved road. From the car we walked up the track which passes between a nice stone house and a ruin (which is for sale if anyone fancies a fixer upper). We continued along this track keeping left whenever the track divided. After about half an hour we arrived at some bancales. Hear we look for a dry river bed to our left, a little overgrown, the beginning of the barranco. A five minute walk along this river bed and we arrived at the first obstacle which has to be overcome - a steep waterfall.
 It takes some pathfinding skills to find the way up and over this steep drop. It looks impossible but it can be done. We took the right hand side , the scramble tested our nerves but was not too difficult.( Not recommended for vertigo sufferers).Once back down in the barranco the fun begins. There are lots of lovely scrambles all with great hand and foot holds. The river bed rocks are white and have been carved and smoothed by the torrential water flows. Hopefully the water will continue to do its job and keep this amazing barranco clear of vegetation for us walkers to enjoy. There is one other waterfall to bypass that requires a scramble up a steep cliff and down a slippery embankment, another test of the nerves. The barranco takes about 3 hours to walk and ends in a lovely peaceful valley planted with almond trees. From this point we have taken two different routes back to the car both equally pleasant to walk. One route can be found to the left of the riverbed and follows the hillside overlooking the baranco. The other can be found on the right hand side of the riverbed where there is a track that leads to a flashed trail (Y/W markers) on the far left side of the valley. This trail takes us through a gully with a stone arch and then cairns guide us back to the car.

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