A circuit around the southern part of this impressive Sierra, which at 1209 meters high is a contorted ridge of rock thrust up some 800 meters above tie surrounding land. It runs North to South and has shear, frowning cliffs on its West side interspersed by deep gullies and barrancos. The walk starts with 35 minutes of fairly gentle ascent along a good track beneath high cliffs, followed by a stiff 200-meter ascent up a path up the barranco Raco Seva. This has occasional shade, it might prove slippery on a descent. This is followed by a gentler climb through pinewoods to Polset, (950m) with its ruin and nevera and excellent views. From here the ascent of Cabecó d’Or (1209 m) takes about 90mins return and is not included in this circuit. From Polset the descent, via a good mule track, is fairly easy with delightful views of cliffs, bluffs, and the countryside to Alicante and the Mediterranean Sea. When Pla de Cabecó is reached some may welcome the opportunity, if a car has been pre positioned, of avoiding the final steep 130 m ascent to the Cuevas del Canelobre. The Cave is well worth a visit, but involves a fee and takes an hour.

-WITH SUMMIT:     DISTANCE 10.2km - WALKING TIME  3 ¾ hrs – ASCENT 842mtrs.- GRADE  Medium
-WITHOUT SUMMIT: DISTANCE 8.5km  - WALKING TIME  2 ¾ hrs - ASCENT 535mtrs. – GRADE  Easy

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