5000 STEPS

 This is a pretty unique walking route, not really for the fainthearted, as the name suggests.It is also steeped in history and legend, although there is little left to show visitors of its historic past.Known as the Valley of Laguar, this area is composed of three villages: Campell, Fleix and Benimaurell,which are surrounded by other abandoned villages and ancient trails that you can cross to take you through the surrounding scenery, which is made up of high mountain walls, caves and canyons formed by the river Girona all shrouded in shrubs and small trees. The walk is difficult in terms of  length (14Km.) but relatively easy in the sense that there are no steep climbs. The best bit about following this trail is ascending and descending the 5000 steps, which make the walk easier. These steps were carved into the rock by Moors who sought refuge  from the Christian army of Filipe 111  during the Reconquest.This place is the last Moorish stronghold in Spain before their expulsion.
The whole walk takes about 5 1/2 hours and is circular. Our starting point is from the village of Benimaurell .
A must do walk.

DISTANCE 13.3km WALKING TIME 4 1/4 hrs ASCENT 1035mtrs GRADE S

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Dave Comins said...

We first did this brilliant route in February 2012, again in March 2014. This year we added a detour in the middle. Having achieved the floor of the barranco we headed 'upstream' to Val d'Ebo or rather the Font de Xili ( other names apply!). Then instead of returning over the tops of the Serra de la Carrasca we contoured round from the top of the abandoned development above Val d'Ebo to Juves de Dalt, rejoining this route. Then on to Benimaurell. The route on the flank of Carrasca was cairned for long stretches but a bit thin at other times. Nonetheless a worthwhile extension adding a little more challenge to an already interesting day. We are likely to repeat this route each time we return to the Costa Blanca. It is so good.

Jean & Bob Hall said...

The walk you describe is covered in our walk called
Barranco del Infierno.

Anonymous said...

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